Differences between Men and Women in Relationships

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Men differ from women both emotionally and physically. As such, partners view their relationship differently. They also have different expectations and needs when entering a relationship. Unfortunately, some people don’t know what their partners want from relationships and this can lead to never-ending issues in relationships.

But, when you know how you differ from your partner, these differences should not cause misunderstanding in your relationship. That’s because at their root, both real partners have similar basic needs. It’s just how they go about satisfying those needs that vary.

Men Don’t Rate Feelings Highly Like Women

Generally, men in relationships don’t rate feelings highly the way women do. Instead, men rate abilities highly than women. For instance, men want women to appreciate and recognize their abilities. They don’t like it when women ignore or scorn their abilities. Women on the other hand want men to appreciate and recognize their feelings. They feel offended when men ignore their feelings.

Men are problem solvers and they like doing it alone. However, women like being involved in solving those problems. Sometimes, men consider unsolicited help as a way of undermining their abilities and efforts. On the contrary, women treasure assistance and they like solving problems with their partners. Additionally, men want women to appreciate their solutions. Unfortunately, they are often misunderstood by women.

Men Stop Communicating During Difficulties while Women Communicate More

When a man is faced with a tough situation, he becomes non-communicative. He focuses on solving the problem at hand. On the other hand, a woman becomes more communicative so that a man can help her. Men strive to communicate their point directly while women enjoy talking. This creates a communication gap which can be the root of many relationship problems. To fix this, partners must understand the needs of each other.

It’s also important to note that men speak differently from women. While men use minimal literal terms while speaking, women use more dramatic and artistic vocabulary. That’s because women want to express feelings fully. On the other hand, men start by sorting out thoughts before they communicate. That’s why they become non-communicative and distant while pondering their feelings. Women on the other hand talk to sort out thoughts. That’s why they tend to repeat their grievances as a way of expressing concerns.

Men and Women Respond to Complements Differently

Men are more responsive to specific complements than abstract complements. For instance, when a woman tells a man ‘Thank you for taking care of dishes; that was highly thoughtful’, she makes a man feel better than when she simply says, ‘you are so thoughtful’. This can cause confusion in a relationship because women find general complements thrilling. For instance, a woman will be happy to be told, ‘you are pretty’, ‘you are smart’ or ‘you are so nice’.

Partners in a relationship must learn to accommodate these differences to make a relationship work. Essentially, each partner in a relationship should make adjustments based on the needs and behaviors of the other. Without understanding the differences between men and women in relationship and compromising, a relationship is bound to fail.

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